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What Is Vemma Facts About Vitamin D Supplement Side Effects

September 20, 2011 lilymarolaneap

Vitamin is very much necessary for our health as it guaranty the strength of our skeleton and ensures the prevention from fractures. Vitamin d is the most important thing for the young growing babies and is also helpful for the women of age fifty plus.

Sun light is the major source of vitamin d beside it is also present in egg’s yolk, milk and also in beef. These are sources are not available to every one to fulfill its body requirements of vitamin d. So the scientist introduced Supplements of vitamin d. These supplements were in fact developed to overcome the increasing deficiency of vitamin d in the human beings.

But according to the new researches Vitamin d supplement has many side effects. As every man made thing is not much efficient as compared to the natural things. Vitamin in nature is much better than man made vitamin d supplements.

Beside these logical things, according to medical point of view Vitamin d supplement side effects are not quite good for the health. In some cases these side effects becomes much more dangerous than the deficiency of vitamin d.

These Vitamin d supplement side effects are multidimensional, they effect in various way due to different reasons.

First reason is this that the dose of the supplements of vitamin d can exceed from the needs of the body. If a person is taking a dose f vitamin d constantly but in the meanwhile he changes his routine of meal (eats eggs, fishes and milk) or get his body open to sun light these are all sources of vitamin d. This change in diet and atmosphere converts the deficiency of vitamin d into overdose of vitamin d. The excessive use of vitamin d causes pain in bones and weakens the bones rather than making them strong. Over dose causes many other problems like Mental retardation, weakness of the muscles, muscle atrophy, severe headache and nervousness are associated with high levels of vitamin D in the blood. Overdose of vitamin D also makes one prone to high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Vitamins d supplement side effects in other way is that these supplements are not natural so they affect the digestive system of the person. These cause a problem for stomach to digest these substitutes of vitamin d and causes severe pain in stomach. So it can be said that Vitamin d supplement side effects are more dangerous than their benefits.

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